5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Custom Software Development As A Startup In 2023

By Victoria Akuba on Tuesday, January 31st, 2023 in Web Development. No Comments

Custom software allows a client’s preference to be met during development. This flexibility which is beneficial to startups may not be available when using Off-the-shelf or readily-made software.  That is why we have put together 5 reasons to invest in custom software as a startup in 2023.

Although there are disadvantages of custom software, such as time consumption and resources needed. Compared to other off-the-shelf software, it allows for critical functions like customer management, inventory management, content management, SEO and so on. A properly developed custom software will stand the test of time and grow visibility better and easier than Off-the-shelf software. 

Off-the-shelf software may seem like an easy option as it guarantees high ROI, but will it benefit your business in the long run? Mactavis understands the economic constraints of startups and, so provides quality custom software based on your budget.

Are you a Startup looking to unlock your potential and maximize your resources? Let’s talk about how investing in custom software can help you achieve that.



Choosing custom software allows the maximum use of the development process and a wide range of capabilities. The software should be the right representation of your brand’s image and should cater to the needs of your target audience.

With the independence of self-managing your product, you can position it for a great ROI in the long run and avoid dealing with software vendors. Your product is developed to address your unique needs as you grow.


As the business grows, its software needs also grow. Custom software development allows for the easy integration of new software; changes can be applied and functionalities are tweaked easily because the software was built for your business from scratch. 

Custom software can easily fit within any business’s software ecosystem while commercial-off-the-shelf software may lead to errors during the integration process. What this does is slow down productivity and most times consumes time and resources as the project is rebuilt from scratch. Imagine experiencing an issue and then realise it involves more than one service provider with different structures and development techniques.


One of the important points of developing a product is to create a user experience that is unique to the needs of the target audience. Each target audience has their expectation. Building trust as a Startup is just as sacrosanct as making a profit, how then do you build trust?

Investing in custom software allows you to create solutions and experiences that will attract and retain your target audience, which leads to them trusting your brand. Achieving a great user experience is however a process of testing and implementing changes based on user patterns. These changes can only be done easily on custom software. 


Purchasing an off-the-shelf means you are solely depending on the company that developed it. They control the terms and conditions for use, the pricing, and even most functionalities if not all. 

What happens if that company goes out of business or shuts down? You would be left in a devastating situation of developing from scratch in a short period or finding a new service provider. 

This is not the case with custom software, although you must consider the cost of maintaining the server. Custom software gives you control over your product and how long you want to use it.


The complex nature of software can sometimes become overwhelming, coupled with all that has to be put in place as a startup. Putting together your brand identity, USP and a standard team capable of ensuring productivity and longevity. It is not advisable to purchase off-the-shelf software because when you do, you end up paying for something that you do not need at the time. 

Therefore when you use custom software, you can determine what features are created now and the ones for later. 

Whether you own a B2B, B2C, Startup, or SMB, you need proper custom-developed software to give your brand that edge. Mactavis is an outstanding Software Development Company helping businesses position for success. Our team of experienced developers deliver the best and has fulfilled so many business dreams.

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