How To Get Your Start-up Running Without A Technical Partner

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The primary objective when starting a company is to build the brand and expand. Unfortunately, this process takes time. This is because growth is a continuous process that calls for diligence, endurance, and commitment. This paper will examine the steps to help you grow a start-up. 

It is worth highlighting that while a startup can operate without a technical partner, subsequently, it becomes necessary to incorporate the knowledge of such an expert or experts. In the case of BuyLetLive, Mactavis Digital established an online presence for the company to increase its visibility.

Seeing goods and services on social platforms gives us the impression that establishing a company must be exciting and that everyone can be successful. However, what we see as a final product is only the very beginning. The entrepreneurial process is long and requires close attention to every aspect. Before we go into the steps to help you grow a start-up, here a few boxes to tick:

Discover Ideas

To be referred to as an entrepreneur, you must have created the idea. You might develop a construct that has never been thought of before or an enhancement of an existing idea when you think about the potential and prospects around you. Your concept must consider all the options and chances accessible to develop and provide value to your customers.

Develop a Business Plan

As a startup, you can do forecasting and weigh the advantages and disadvantages. These concepts are now analyzed through creative thinking and then put into context. Remember, your plan should outline all the goals, benchmarks, and intended audience. It is also advisable to conduct all necessary market research to determine your target market. Find out if there is an increased demand for your goods or services. Lastly, make a list of all the challenges you’ll face on the journey and a plan B for them. 

Finding Resources

At this stage, you assess your capital, human and other financial resources. Also, depending on your needs, employ the most qualified and suitable people for your brand. The top is the best place to begin. If you are to be the CEO, then the following are necessary for a start-up; chief operating officer, product manager, and chief marketing officer. 

To raise funds for your startup if it’s a small business, find possible investors, apply for loans, or take loans from family or friends.

Implementation of Business

You are now responsible for managing your business daily to satisfy the demands and needs of your clients. By their respective tasks, duties are designated to every member of the selected team. At this point, everything revolves around taking action. 

If there is a product, creating a prototype would be a fantastic idea. This will help to determine whether your product is ready to hit the market and seek out opinions from those around you.


You are currently considering the potential for expansion and progress. Here, you contrast present growth with anticipated growth and establish meaningful choices on the results. 

You can think about things like: 

  • What more goods or services can I offer? 
  • Should I move my business to other cities? 
  • What are my immediate and long-term goals? 
  • Should I increase my research and development spending? 

Although the growth of your business may be gradual at first, persevere because your first objective is survival.

The above questions demonstrate that being an entrepreneur involves far more than just starting a business. All steps must be completed before launching a startup. You will learn various skills as you go through these stages if you choose the entrepreneurial path. Know that starting a thriving business is a marathon, not a sprint! Below are steps to help you grow a start-up;


It is impossible to outperform others in your field or find quick success without using technology. There are, however, tried-and-true methods for assisting you in hitting growth targets that might propel a company to victory. 

It takes time, money, and effort to develop a company concept from scratch. You must struggle against the forces of failure and recognize when action is needed and take it. The steps outlined below will aid in the expansion of your firm.

Be Adaptable

The capacity to quickly alter paths in reaction to market developments is one quality that many prosperous entrepreneurs share. You’ll experience faster growth if you adopt an agile development methodology for your business and product. You may try several company strategies and determine what works best if you allow yourself to modify and adapt rapidly. It gives you the space to make mistakes, get back up, and keep moving forward.

Focus On Your Customer Experience

Your company’s success depends on how your customers perceive it. If you provide high-quality services and goods, people will instantly appreciate you on social media; if you make a mistake, they’ll spread the word even faster. Making your present and potential consumers satisfied with their experience is essential for rapid growth. 

Small firms are more agile and frequently better able to recognize, foresee, and react to the requirements of their customers than giant corporations. The most successful small firms use this advantage by launching new and cutting-edge goods and services faster and cultivating enduring client relationships. 

Invest In Yourself

Usually, startups have thin profit margins or none at all. So any profit generated should be invested in expanding your firm. The capacity of a startup to reinvest in itself accelerates growth. It’s crucial to ensure you’re reinvesting all initial profits into the business. While it may be tempting to keep all your gains for yourself, it’s wiser to invest in the expansion of your company so you can subsequently enjoy tremendous rewards. Decide which areas of your company require additional attention: Do you need to increase your workforce, increase your marketing budget, or all three, for instance? Whenever you identify those vital areas that need improvements, fund them.

Boost your Customer Service

Concentrating on delivering exceptional customer service is another fantastic way to expand your company. Customers are more inclined to recommend your company to their followers when you surpass their expectations. 

When you go above and beyond, like giving discounts if a customer has a bad experience or checking in to be sure a customer was delighted with your goods or service, you gain prestige for excellent customer service. Be careful to provide your customer support team with the best business phone system.

Attend Networking Events.

Attending networking events enables you to meet like-minded people, many of whom have distinctive viewpoints and ideas that might support the expansion of your company. These events can result in connections and partnerships that can be useful for many years.


Minimizes Cost

Having a technical partner to help run your start-up is not an easy fit, particularly for small businesses, because it requires payments for services rendered. Most small businesses prefer to build their brand with little or no technical assistance merely to save funds.

Limits Distortion of Ideas

Founders develop a business idea and follow it up from inception to conclusion. However, the invited technical partner is unlikely to become obsessed with the concept like the founders are. Being a middleman between the founder and the team, the technical partner is more likely to overlook some crucial details, which will skew the outcome. It’s not a clever idea to build your company with a partner who is not on board with your vision, can’t deliver what they promise, or won’t stand by you through the tough times.


Various startups that do not work or partner with technical experts for their businesses tend to witness slow growth processes and operational malfunctions. Instead of companies advancing speedily in their web activities, they lag due to technical problems and hurdles. There are various disadvantages to running a business without a technical partner, and these include

Time Mismanagement

A great deal of time is wasted on research due to the lack of professionals to do the work. Meanwhile, an expert can quickly assist you in identifying the best option for your startup because they’re well-versed in the latest technologies and are acquainted with how they operate

Exposure to Cyberattacks 

Any business can fall victim to viruses and malware without the knowledge of a technical expert. With the rise in cyber attacks, a startup with no tech partner is at risk of loss and eventual collapse. Proper access to technical support or assistance for your startup will ensure security and safety for your business data and internal systems.

Inefficiency in the Marketing Space

One of the most expensive errors you can make today is using a digital marketing plan that is inefficient or unproductive. Which is better for advertising: through browsers or social media, or both? How many ads should you run at a time? Spending time, incorrect web analytics and spending money on digital advertising wrongly remain part that destroys a business so startups must be attentive to these factors. Furthermore, we cannot emphasize this enough: you need to have a professional on your side.

Even though it can be challenging, starting a business can be very rewarding. Having a fantastic concept and attempting to sell it presents difficulties, including securing funding, hiring staff, marketing, handling legal matters, and controlling funds. But bear in mind that these steps to help you achieve a successful start-up might result in a more fulfilling career and the chance to make a lasting impression.

Mactavis Digital has experience working with start-ups. We have worked on projects at all phases, from those that were just getting started to those that needed to increase their turnover and reach. With our assistance, you won’t have to figure out “how to select a good technique for a startup” or “steps to help you grow a start-up.”, as we can handle any tasks you wish to delegate to a technical partner. We understand the needs of startups, as a result, provide our clients with more value.

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